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Partnered with Transworld Business Advisors, Eschbach Enterprises helps clients buy and sell businesses every day and has a long established history of enhancing value for buyers’ and sellers’ transactions. The task of buying or selling a business can be overwhelming without the proper guidance and skills. Eschbach Enterprises has assisted many companies with the buying and selling process ensuring confidentiality every step of the way. Our mission is to make the process as smooth as possible for both sides by relying on his global network and experience.

Business Brokerage Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Seller Representation

Eschbach Enterprises assists sellers with essential steps when selling a business including:

  • overall process review (complementary; ensure confidentiality)
  • business valuation
  • developing marketing materials (teaser ads on various external web sites, more detailed business summary for qualified buyers)
  • vetting all buyer inquiries (pre-qualify them to determine appropriate fit)
  • assisting in meeting with prospective buyers
  • working with the seller during the offer process (negotiate price, assist with document preparation for legal review)
  • assistance with closing and transition.

Buyer Representation

Eschbach Enterprises assists buyers with the following when purchasing a business:

  • overall process review (complementary)
  • pre-qualification
  • develop business purchase objectives
  • search
  • business valuation
  • business review
  • offer
  • negotiation
  • document preparation (ready for legal review)
  • closing
  • transition

Broker's Opinion of Value

Eschbach Enterprises can provide a comprehensive valuation assessment using proprietary market data by industry classification (SIC/NAICS) based on 20-years of recent transactions worldwide and what is currently on the market locally/nationally/worldwide.
*Evaluation cannot be used for formal financing with lending institutions but will be a fair market value based on industry data and 40-plus years of individual professional expertise in market deals in a variety of industries and sizes.

Franchise Development

Partnering with a sister subsidiary, we can assist businesses that want to expand via the franchise model. Eschbach Enterprises has the expertise based on over 40 years of developing top company franchise names (10 brands, 80 countries, 2500 locations).
We provide consulting/advisory/development services including:

  • market research
  • registration/documentation to meet applicable laws
  • franchise disclosure document
  • franchise agreement/other contracts
  • operations manual
  • brand policies/procedures
  • determining territory/exclusivity
  • franchise fees/royalties
  • training and support

Franchise Sales

Partnering with a sister subsidiary, we can assist businesses that want to expand via the franchise model. Eschbach Enterprises offers services includes mater franchises for wider geographic areas as well as local franchisee locations that includes but is not limited to setting goals, measuring success and evaluating/adjusting as needed.

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