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Eschbach Enterprises is a comprehensive business advisory consulting firm with expertise in helping you achieve your strategic goals and objectives. The firm’s extensive experience includes business brokerage services for business buyers, sellers, and franchises, as well commercial real estate services, insurance services, business expense reduction, and many additional services which help business owners grow to their maximum potential, or prepare for a planned exit.

The ESCH-Curve®

The S-curve is a visualization of the performance of a business over time and the E-S-C-H is a modification of this based on Eschbach Enterprises’ 40-plus years in business. While the actual trajectory for each business may be slightly different and less perfectly-shaped, all businesses experience it.

Start-up – starting left and moving downward to the right; this when businesses are just starting out so it is inevitable that cash outflow exceeds cash inflow by a significant amount (not counting funds provided for by banks/angel investors as seed money).
Beginning growth – starting at/near the lower center, the trough, and beginning to rise as time goes on; the large, initial investment related to equipment purchase, leasehold/real estate improvements, employee hiring/training, database systems, marketing and the like are all established and customers start buying products/services (this may still be on the downward side of the S but the steepness declines as revenues are now coming in to offset expenses).
Accelerated growth – the center, lowest point of the S that now is beginning to rise, hopefully, as close to 90 degrees as possible; customer base is now strong and the business is now profitable and continuing to grow as brand recognition catches on and customers grow.
Mature – reaching the top of the S and holding steady; business has matured and while profitable the revenues and/or profits remain steady.
Declining – downward sloping from the top of the S heading south; for many businesses (seems to be anywhere between 7-12 years) sales and profits begin to decline for a variety of reasons (owner disinterest, intense competitive pressures that cannot be responded to, changing technology and the like.

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Exit Factor

Why Exit Factor?

Every entrepreneur should get the maximum value of their company whether they decide to sell it or not. Many courses, programs and schools will teach you how to start a business or even how to grow it, but how about how to sell it? Everyone will exit their business in some way, either feet on the ground or feet first (as they say). Why not be prepared and get the maximum value possible?

Leading Experts

Exit Factor was developed by two of the leading experts in the business brokerage industry after years of research, thousands of buyer interviews, and hundreds of millions in closed transactions. What has resulted is a simple way you can learn how to buy, build, and sell businesses and create wealth for you and your loved ones. Our courses focus on:

  • Buying a Business
  • Growing Through Acquisition
  • How to Sell a Business

Exit Factor is designed to enhance your company’s valuation no matter where you are on the Esch-Curve.

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SKE Global Advisors

Business Expense Reduction

eschbach enterprises ske global advisors corporate expense reduction

In today’s economy, many companies are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. Faced with rising costs, many business have a difficult time growing. What if there was a way to access specialized savings programs to lower healthcare cost, save on energy, enable your accounts payable department to generate income and give your hourly employees instant access to their earned wages? And, what if you could be kept up-to-date on any nationwide class action filings that you may be entitled to recover prior overcharges?

Eschbach Enterprises has partnered with SKE Global Advisors and can help your business by evaluating and providing revenue enhancement opportunities, expense reduction opportunities, and by working with your company to maximize your bottom line.

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Business Brokerage Services

Mergers and Acquisitions
Buyer and Seller Representation
Franchise Development
Franchise Sales

Partnered with Transworld Business Advisors, Eschbach Enterprises helps clients buy and sell businesses every day and has a long established history of enhancing value for buyers’ and sellers’ transactions.

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Commercial Real Estate

As a licensed Real Estate Broker, Steven Eschbach specializes in commercial real estate sales and acquisitions, as well as landlord and tenant representations. Strategically Aligned with Caton Commercial Real Estate Services, Steve serves as the client’s trusted real estate adviser, guiding clients through the entire lease or purchase. We help businesses find office space for rent or office space for purchase, and negotiate the lease or purchase contract.

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