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The art industry is lucrative and incredibly popular among consumers. In fact, the art and culture market is estimated at 150 billion US dollars annually – not including spending on museums and exhibitions. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell an art business, there is never a wrong time to begin. Since there is no specific season for redecorating or home-decorating, art is always relevant and always needed.

If you are in the market for an art business or are ready to put your art business on the market, Transworld Business Advisors is equipped with industry-specific advisors to guide you through the process. Because Transworld is experienced in working with both buyers and sellers across countless industries, they are skilled in ensuring the best deal for all parties involved. Transworld brokers have the tools to walk you through every step – from finding the right price, establishing a fair value, marketing the business to ensuring confidentiality agreements and signing on the final dotted line is all perfectly executed. Our advisors never leave your side.

Finding the right buyer or the business of your dreams might seem overwhelming, but with guidance, clear expectations and realistic goals, it is possible. In the same way that you care for priceless art, Transworld treats your unique business with the attention and care it deserves. The right buyer will be found and vetted by a team of professional brokers.

Check here for our current listings for art businesses. We offer a description of each individual business, along with details you may find important such as price, business size, type of art, location, and the number of employees. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Transworld brokers ensure your business is properly valued.

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