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Building Better Businesses with Steve Eschbach – Episode 5 with George Birrell

George Birrell is the CEO of Taxhub. He has a Master’s degree in taxation from Webster University and began his career in public accounting. Twelve years in, he transitioned to controllership for an engineering firm in New York City.
As a controller, he learned a lot about the business side of finance and tax, and the idea for Taxhub took shape. Determined to bring customers a better tax experience, George began assembling a team that could help bring his idea to fruition to serve a broad segment of the private tax-payer market, which then became Taxhub.

In this episode, we discuss:
• “The bird’s eye view” of a business from a public accounting point of view
• How to spot a need in your industry and develop a plan to fill it
• What it’s like to work financially with small businesses on a digital basis
I hope you will find this episode as exciting and informative as I have. George’s platform TaxHub is a real asset for small business owners and contractors to keep track of their financials and tax information.
Please let me know your thoughts!

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